At Big Mama, we’re your go-to destination for professional cleaning services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From clothing to curtains, we handle it all with the utmost care. Our comprehensive range of services includes alterations, shoe cleaning, and more, all delivered with an unwavering commitment to quality.

But there’s more! We’ve expanded our offerings to encompass curtain cleaning, bag repairs, and upholstery cleaning, making us your ultimate fabric care solution. Also focusing on sustainability, our range of services does not just narrow in on cleaning and repairing but also the recycling of clothing, bags, shoes, upholstery, and more. Discover the perfect blend of convenience and top-tier quality at Big Mama — where trust and satisfaction are guaranteed.


Our Professional Cleaning Services

At Big Mama, we offer an extensive range of professional home services tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals, households, and businesses across Malaysia. Our team of dedicated staff is well-equipped to provide the following services:

From RM 4 per piece

Experience top-quality Laundry and Dry-Cleaning services at Big Mama. Our skilled team employs the best equipment and techniques to ensure gentle care for your fabrics and clothes. Whether it’s delicate traditional wear or bulk washes, we are experienced at handling a wide range of fabrics and garments with utmost care. Our meticulous process guarantees that your items are thoroughly cleaned and protected from potential damage during dry cleaning.

From RM 5

Discover our Alteration services at Big Mama, designed to provide you with the perfect fit. Whether it’s hemming a pair of pants, adding a button, or adjusting the waistline, our skilled tailors will ensure your clothing fits you flawlessly. With meticulous attention to detail, we handle alterations with precision, ensuring your garments look and feel just right. From minor tweaks to major alterations, we’ve got your back.

From RM 28 per kg

Elevate your home decor with our Curtain Cleaning service at Big Mama. Living in the vibrant cities of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, it’s common for curtains to accumulate dust and lose their lustre. But worry not; our Professional Curtain Dry Cleaning service is here to rejuvenate them. We cater to various curtain types, including day and night curtains, blackout, drapery, and organza curtains. In addition, our meticulous cleaning process ensures your curtains regain their vibrancy, enhancing the ambience of your living space.

From RM 220

At Big Mama, we understand the importance of clean, well-kept bags that complement your outfit and boost your confidence. As such, our expertise extends to Luxury Bag Dry Cleaning, including iconic styles like the Gucci Marmont and Chanel Classic Flap. Our team of specialists also uses the finest methods and materials to restore your bags to their former glory. In addition, our formulations contain 80% natural ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals or abrasives.

From RM 45

Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning your shoes at home! At Big Mama, we understand that cleaning shoes isn’t just about time; it’s about using the right techniques and equipment. Our experts are here to save you time and ensure your favourite pair lasts longer. Moreover, we don’t stop at a single wash. All cleaned shoes undergo rigorous quality checks, and any missed spots get a second wash. Only when they meet our high-quality standards do we wrap and deliver them to you.

From RM 150

Experience a transformation in your upholstery with Big Mama’s top-tier cleaning services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Our expert team specialises in both residential and commercial cleaning, ensuring your sofa and mattress look and feel fresh. They leverage cleaning processes that tackle germs, stains, and dirt head-on. We also use fabric disinfectant to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and germs, while our shampoo and soft tip scrubbing dissolve stains and leave your furniture smelling fresh.

From RM 5 per sq ft

Maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your carpets is vital for a healthy living or working environment. With various carpet types, including hand-tufted, Wilton, and nylon, our Carpet Cleaning service ensures your carpets remain in their best condition.

From RM 100

Ensure your child’s safety and comfort with our Stroller and Car Seat Cleaning service. Big Mama’s expert cleaning and sanitisation will provide a safe and cosy ride for your little one on every journey.

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Our customers have experienced exceptional transformations in their clothing, bags, shoes, and more through our professional cleaning and repair services. Explore these images showcasing the remarkable results achieved by our cleaning services at Big Mama.



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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cleaning Services

Yes, you can! We offer flexible express services to meet your needs. You can opt for our 2-day
express service with a 50% surcharge or our lightning-fast 1-day express service with a 100%

Absolutely! Big Mama is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of businesses and large-scale projects. We understand that each client is unique, and that’s why we offer tailored cleaning packages to accommodate your requirements. Whether you need comprehensive cleaning solutions for an office, a commercial space, or a large-scale project, we’re here to collaborate with you and design a package that perfectly fits your needs. Get in touch with us through our website’s contact form, and let’s discuss how we can elevate your space with our customised cleaning services.

At Big Mama, we hold your privacy and data security in the highest regard. We are fully committed to complying with the Personal Data Protection Act and take rigorous measures to safeguard your personal information. Rest assured that we collect, record, store, disclose, and utilise your personal data with the utmost confidentiality and security.

For full details, please refer to our price list. Or, if you prefer, you can always hit us up on WhatsApp to get a quote for the services you need.

In the event of any issues, we have established modes of compensation:

Repair: We will attempt to repair any damages if possible.

Replace: If an item cannot be repaired, we may consider replacing it.

Financial Compensation: For financial compensation, you should provide proof of purchase (receipts). If receipts are unavailable, we will rely on our assessment. The final decision rests at the discretion of the Company. Do note that terms and conditions apply. Do refer to our Terms & Conditions page for more information.

Please note that certain exclusions apply, and we do not provide compensation for:

Discolouration of materials, such as fading of colours.

Non-functional chipping of items.

Damages that do not affect the performance of appliances.

Unintended damages to property during installation or dismantling.

Accidental breakage of ceiling lights.

Damages related to standing fans.

Properties damaged due to normal wear and tear.

Creating an account with Big Mama is quick and easy. Just enter your phone number and email address on the account creation page. We’ll use your phone number to coordinate pick-up and delivery, and send the bill to your email. If you ever need to update or change your account information, it’s a breeze. Just click on the “Profile” icon, and you can modify details ranging from your name to your email and phone number.

The cleaning duration depends on the specific service you’ve requested. Our standard processing time for laundry and dry cleaning typically spans three days, with the exception of curtain, carpet, bag, shoe cleaning, or onsite services.

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