Top up RM100
get total
(5% bonus credit)

Top up RM300
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(8% bonus credit)

Top up RM500
get total
(10% bonus credit)

  1. Top up now to enjoy up to 10% bonus credit!
  2. Pre-paid credit can be used to offset your payment for all services offered by Big Mama including online order at
  3. Pre-paid credit can be used at any of our Big Mama outlets. Our outlet locations can be found at
  4. Pre-paid credits will expire three years after the last date of transaction. Any remaining balance will be cancelled immediately and without further notice.
  5. Pre-paid credit is not transferrable to other party.
  6. Pre-paid credit shall be non-refundable.
  7. In the rare instance that your garment is lost or damaged by Big Mama, the refund will be credited into your pre-paid credits.
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