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At Big Mama Malaysia, we believe that having clean, well-kept bags that go with your outfit will give you confidence because they are more than just an accessory — they are an extension of your unique style.

We’re experts in cleaning and restoring luxury bags, including popular styles like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Gucci Marmont, and Chanel Classic Flap, because we recognise the value of keeping a handbag in good condition. Your beloved handbags will be restored to their former glory by our Big Mama team of specialists using only the best methods and materials.

Benefits of Bag Cleaning Services

A clean bag is more than just an accessory; it’s an extension of your style and personality. With Big Mama, ensuring your luxury bags are spotless and pristine is not just a task but a passion. Our skilled team understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of every bag, whether it’s a traditional Malaysian design or a contemporary piece from a high-end designer boutique. 

Just as we would delicately care for an outfit to ensure it continues to fit you perfectly, we treat every bag with the same meticulous care. Whether you’re preparing for a grand event or simply want your daily bag to shine, our experts are here to ensure it looks its best. By integrating modern techniques with a deep commitment to top-quality care, we ensure that every bag can continue to serve as the perfect addition to your outfit.

Ready to transform your bag’s appearance from “meh” to “wow”? Trust us with your prized possessions. At Big Mama, we guarantee precision, care, and a touch of Malaysian flair in bag cleaning and restoration, ensuring you carry your bag with pride and confidence.


Deep Cleanse

  • Deep cleaning of the entire interior, exterior, pockets, tassels, lining, handles, and all parts of the bag
  • Use of specialised formula to remove mould and mildew (if present). 
  • Professional drying for even and consistent results using specialised methods.
  • Sanitising and deodorising of your luxury item to remove/reduce musty or funky odours
  • Conditioning and moisturising of your leather bags to keep it supple and prevent peeling. 
  • Gentle polishing of metal hardware and chains/buckles for maximum shine.

Customer Safe and Non Toxic

We use carefully curated cleansing agents that don’t contain any harsh chemicals and are made up of 80% natural ingredients. Our formulas are also colour-safe on all types of leather, fabric or synthetic materials to give you peace of mind.

Deep Cleanse Regime

  • No harsh chemicals or abrasives used.
  • Guaranteed colour-safe on all materials.
  • Penetrating formula that removes mould deep in the material.
  • Improves and removes musty odours.
  • Kills 99% of all harmful bacteria.
  • Effectively cleans and conditions leathers.
  • Made of 80% natural ingredients.

Our Bag Cleaning Process

Our trained bag cleaning service specialists are the best at what they do – taking awesome care of your bags and items every step of the way. Here’s how we do it:

1. Analyze and diagnose

2. Selecting the right tools

3. Gentle and effective cleaning agents


The carefully curated cleaning agents we use for our bag cleaning service don’t contain any harsh chemicals and are made up of 80% natural ingredients. This formula is colour-safe on all types of leather, fabric or synthetic bag materials so you don’t have to worry about damage.


The leather item is precisely and thoroughly vetted against a checklist to ensure it is colour-fast, and that not even the smallest detail is overlooked.


An expert consultant checks your bag, wallet or shoes condition and prescribes a tailored colour treatment.


A leather serum is applied to help prep it to better absorb the following colour treatment.


A leather serum is applied to help prep it to better absorb the following colour treatment.


Your luxury item is given a meticulous buffing of the leather and expert polishing of the metal hardware for maximum radiance and shine.


A special formula is added to boost the durability of the colour and up the shine of the leather. Prevents colour from fading and helps the colour layers to adhere better.


A foundation penetrating layer is applied as the base coat to ensure an intensity of colour.


Specially curated leather dyes are applied expertly, layer-upon-layer to achieve the best consistency, colour intensity and exact shade desired.


The leather item is carefully and professionally dried in between layers to ensure each layer is well absorbed.


A balm is applied to condition and moisturise the leather.


Discover what our satisfied customers in Malaysia say about our bag cleaning and restoration services. Dive into genuine feedback and firsthand experiences shared by our clientele.


October 17, 2023

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Perfectly done
Bernard Kung

October 17, 2023

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Thanks for patching up my tie so well! Considering how frayed it was before this, this is a really good job! Keep it up!
Nurul Khairuddin

September 17, 2023

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Had a long skirt with a busted zip and thought I'd give this shop a go. They sorted it out for only RM 16 with discount – can't complain, that's a sweet deal! Happy with the fix! Thank you ❤️

September 17, 2023

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Adreen Adian

November 15, 2023

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Good customer service provided. Definitely coming back for their service. Recommended
vernon chang

September 17, 2023

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Discovered this new shop in the car park basement! They do provide many services like alteration, dry cleaning, even cleaning and fix up bags and shoes. Great that we have this one-stop service provider nearby. Will definitely pay them a visit again.


Witness the transformative power of our bag cleaning and restoration services. Browse through our gallery of before and after images to see the remarkable difference we bring to each luxury item.


Explore our competitive bag cleaning and restoration pricing structure tailored to meet the needs of every luxury bag owner. Whether you have a single item or a collection, find a package that suits your budget.

Bag Size Cleaning Recolour
25 CM RM220 RM780
30 CM RM225 RM900
35 CM RM280 RM1020
40 CM RM310 RM1140
45 CM RM340 RM1260
50 CM & ABOVE (5CM ADD ON RM30) RM370++ RM1380
LUGGAGE RM380 RM430 RM480 RM1200 RM1500 RM1800

Frequently Asked Questions About Bag Cleaning Services

Ideally, you should clean your bags once every six months. This biannual routine promptly addresses any accumulated dirt, stains, or potential wear. Regular maintenance prevents the material from deteriorating and keeps the colours vibrant, ensuring your bag looks as exquisite as the day you bought it. Additionally, engaging the occasional professional bag cleaning or restoration service can also help preserve the bag’s original charm and extend its life.

Colour fading in bags can be a concern for many luxury bag owners. To effectively prevent this, it’s crucial to avoid exposing your bag to direct sunlight for extended durations, as UV rays can deteriorate the dye in the material. Additionally, storing it in dust bags offers an extra layer of protection against external factors that might cause fading. Regular maintenance and cleaning, as well as the occasional restoration, can also play a significant role in preserving the vibrant colour of your bag, ensuring it looks as good as new for years.
While Big Mama’s bag cleaning service is adept at removing the majority of stains, there are instances where certain stubborn stains pose a challenge. Factors like the type of stain, duration since the stain occurred, and the bag’s material can influence the outcome. Nevertheless, our team of experts employs advanced techniques and solutions, always pushing the boundaries to achieve the best possible results to ensure your bag returns to its pristine condition.
Professional bag cleaning is a meticulous process that ensures your item is restored to its best condition. The time it takes can vary significantly based on the bag’s material, the extent of dirt or stains, and any specific treatments it may require. On average, our comprehensive cleaning process takes between one to two weeks, and our bag dyeing and restoration process takes about one month. However, these estimates may vary if your bags require additional attention or specialised treatments.
Always keep your bags in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight, which can cause fading or damage. Using vacuum-sealed dry cleaning or dust bags is highly recommended as they offer an added layer of protection against dust, moisture, and potential contaminants. Additionally, ensure your bags are stored upright, preferably with stuffing inside, to retain their shape and prevent creases or deformations.
Bags, like many other items, change with age. Vintage or older bags often have unique materials or craftsmanship not found in newer models. These bags might be more delicate or susceptible to damage, requiring specialised cleaning or restoration techniques. On the other hand, newer bags might have different finishes or materials that need particular care. It’s essential to recognise these differences and consult with our Big Mama bag cleaning experts who can provide guidance tailored to the age and specifics of your bag.

Other Services

At Big Mama, we believe in providing holistic home cleaning solutions to meet all your needs. Besides our curtain dry and steam cleaning services, we offer a wide range of additional cleaning services that can transform your home into a spotless and refreshing environment. Some of these services include carpet cleaningsofa cleaningmattress cleaning, and much more.
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